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Erens Declaration and Exhibits Thereto

In Adversary Proceeding No. 20-03041, the Debtors filed the Declaration of Brad B. Erens in Support of Debtors' Reply in Support of Motion of the Debtors for an Order (I) Preliminarily Enjoining Certain Actions Against Non-Debtors or (I) Declaring that the Automatic Stay Applies to Such Actions, and (III) Granting a Temporary Restraining Order Pending a Final Hearing [Docket No. 194] and as the attached exhibits are voluminous in nature, you can view the document and exhibits separately by clicking the below links:

Notice and Declaration

Exhibit 1

Exhibits 2-5

Exhibits 6-11

Exhibit 12

Exhibits 13-14

Exhibit 15

Exhibit 16

Exhibit 17 (part 1)

Exhibits 17 (part 2)-19

Exhibits 20-22

Exhibits 23-29

Exhibit 30

Exhibit 31

Exhibit 32

Exhibits 33-34

Exhibit 35

Exhibits 36-37